About Us

The founders of the Mega-Ray™ lighting have always been worked closely with the world’s leading experts in UVB research since the early 1990′s. With a background of over 40 years of rehabilitation work experience, we have based all our knowledge on the needs of animal lighting by reading studies, attentive observation during rehabilitation work with hundreds of sick animals, real life circulating vitamin D3 testing and deliberation with field researchers and their reports on reptile basking practices as well as laboratory studies. “Practical Application” has been the forefront of our design and recommendations we present. Dr. Henry Brames, one of the leading exotic veterinarians, researchers and speakers at the ARAV conventions internationally stated in his article in Iguana Magazine printed by the International Reptile Conservation Foundation expressed a simple yet powerful statement on which Mega-Ray has built its entire philosophy: “Reptile Lighting Is a Process, Not a Bulb.”


Based on that theme, the new Mega-Ray Petcare Lighting Team is focused on providing nothing but the best and most practical components to fulfill that commitment on a wholesale basis so everyone in the distribution business can help their clients provide the finest lighting to create their micro habitats. We feel this service is unique as well as critical since it is a serious challenge with all the confusing and potentially harmful products on the market today. Even after years of proven testing, some commonly used and sold bulbs are detrimental to 4 coned eyes in reptiles and amphibians. Tragically, We see Red and Blue “Night Lights” being sold in “Kits” and by themselves for marketing purposes and not for the health of the animals.


This will never happen with the Mega-Ray branding. When you purchase Mega-Ray products, you can be secure that you have the best to offer in aquatic and reptile lighting, hands down. We do not sell 1200 different reptile accessories. Our entire focus is reptile and aquatic health. We have a wealth of information through our Technical support line. Become a member of the team of the most educated distributors in the world.


The Mega-Ray is not a factory, but a design, as much art as science. Proven in real life application. Through this team effort, we can now supply the world, not just a few thousand with quality ultra violet products. Be part of this team. It’s more family than business.


Thank you for visiting the new Mega-Ray Petcare Lighting. Stand out as a member of the team that really cares.